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The Daily Grind: Are you going to purchase Darkfall?


The most highly anticipated game right now is Darkfall Online, the infamous PvP loot fest that's been in development for over seven years. Love it or hate it, it's making news pages sizzle with all of the hype surrounding it, as well as the question of if the game can live up to all of said hype.

But today, we want to know if you're going to be grabbing the game or not. The world of Agon is going to need warm bodies in it to make the gameplay sell, just like EVE Online needs pilots in space to make everything work properly. Are you pre-ordering it maybe? Or are you adopting a " wait and see" attitude when it comes to putting money down on a brand new game. Or, are you just going to hope that they have a copy for you when the game comes out?

Put your thoughts into the comment box below and the post button will chew up your words and spit them out onto our page for all of the world to view. Afterwards, we urge you to celebrate by chopping off a few ork heads and invading elven territory.

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