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Aion video tour shows off the Altgard zone

James Egan

A number of fantasy MMO gamers who are looking for an aerial twist on combat, or simply the ability to soar, are looking forward to Aion: The Tower of Eternity. The latest title from NCsoft is expected to release sometime in Fall 2009, and the developer has been releasing a series of zone tour videos to stoke people's interest in the game.

The latest video NCsoft has released shows off the Altgard Zone, with panoramic otherworldly scenes of the world's surface and even its subterranean depths. If you're interested in seeing Aion's Altgard, we've got a YouTube embed of the video for you below the cut.

If you'd like a closer look at the graphics, our sister site Big Download has an HD Version of the Altgard Zone Tour Video which weighs in at 522 MB, in addition to several other high-def trailers.

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