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Half-price DSi when you trade in a console at GAME

Jem Alexander

Looking to pick up a DSi at launch, but not sure what to do with your old DS Lite? Brits will be able to trade it in at their local GAME and pick up the new model for half price. That's £74.99, in case you're wondering. GAME's operations director, Robert Quinn, claims that the company will "have plenty of stock and some fantastic launch offers to give customers the best possible experience."

If you're not willing to part with your old DS Lite, the offer also extends to unwanted Xbox 360s, PSP-3000s and Wiis. To be honest, though, all of those are worth far more than the 75 quid you'd be getting in return. The DSi is released in Europe on April 3 and will retail for £150. That gives you plenty of time to hunt around the house for your old DS Lite box. You do still have it, right?

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