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Nanoco shows off quantum dot displays, no flux capacitors needed

Steven Kim

The first question thrown at any new technological development around Engadget HD is, "can it be used to make better HDTVs?" Nanomaterial producer Nanoco Technologies is answering "hopefully soon," by putting its quantum dots to use in OLED displays going under the "QD Technocolour" name. Using the teensy-tiny crystals in displays has been a longtime promise for quantum dots, where the high color purity holds great promise. Like so many nanomaterials, though, the challenge will be scaling up to production (especially to the 50-inch range); hopefully the ability to use inorganic solvents will come in handy for production engineers, because we like the promise of pure colors with long lifetimes. We'll file this under "speculative" for now and look forward to seeing pictures of the prototypes emerge.

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