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New Resident Evil 5 trailer totally simple to follow

With all this debate about "outmoded" tank controls versus shiny, new space engineer controls, everyone's seem to have lost track of what keeps us crawling back to the Resident Evil franchise, sequel after sequel. Hint: it's not the controls. It's the incredible storytelling. For example, haven't you been wondering how they're going to wedge Wesker back in there? And of course our pals at Umbrella Corp have once again made a mess of things, all in pursuit of that almighty dollar. It's the Resident Evil formula: some vaudevillian villains coupled with preposterous plots and, for a dash of the grotesque, some pesky parasites ...

And, to be honest, we wouldn't want it any other way. Peep the latest trailer above for a smattering of what Capcom's got in store. Not enough? Fine – you can also peruse the gallery below featuring renders of some of Resident Evil 5's most attractive baddies. Still concerned with the controls?

Gallery: Resident Evil 5 (enemy renders) | 5 Photos

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