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Patch 3.1: Yaaarrrr! now has a detailed tooltip. That is all.


We have the first piece of the PTR 3.1 Patch Notes.

Right from Zarhym's mouth tonight.

  • Yaaarrrr! Now has a detailed tooltip.
Well thank god for that, I mean what would have happened if Yaaarrrr!'s tooltip got left out? I mean, that would be tantamount to not letting clams stack. And we all know what happened to that.

By the way, Yaaarrrr! is the spell that comes with the Savory Deviate Delight that turns you into a pirate or a ninja.

It does look like there's a good bit of activity going on over at the official forums – the PTR forums have gone up and came back down, and there are several new stickies over there. This kind of activity usually happens right before the PTR client is available for download and the realms go up – but they could just be getting this out of the way before they go home for the weekend. In which case it wouldn't be surprising at all to see the PTRs up on Monday.

But with that said, there's half a dozen of us up at WoW Insider HQ tonight that will be anxiously waiting to cover all the news.

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