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Pixelmator 1.4 Sprinkle out now


The folks at Pixelmator have released version 1.4, named Sprinkle, and it's now available from their site or from directly within the app. They've got more performance improvements in here, and the big addition this time around is brushes: not only are there a host of new brush options in the app, but users can now also import Adobe Photoshop brushes. Users can now create and use document presets, and there's a new "clouds" filter that can be used to create realistic clouds and special effects. As usual, the update is free to registered users, or you can pick up a copy for $59.

Pixelmator continues to impress as a powerful yet slim photo and image editor. I use it daily. I have recently had an issue with it not sticking to its own space in Leopard -- sometimes, when switching to or from the Space that Pixelmator is in, it'll drift off in front of the app that I'm working on, or not show up for a few seconds. But this update also introduces a few "performance improvements," so hopefully my issue is in there somewhere.

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