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Two new Art Style games lead Japan's February DSiWare lineup


Nintendo has announced its monthly DSiWare update for February, including eight programs in all -- five of which are actually games! Fans of downloadable Nintendo games will be most excited to see the Art Style series continuing with Art Style: Nalaku and Art Style: Hacolife. But there's also unexpected innovation in one of the most mundane titles available! Not to mention the first third-party DSiWare game.

Here's the rundown on each title:
  • Nintendo DSi Calculator (200 Points) A simple calculator app, which is sold separately in Famicom Mario style and Animal Crossing style.
  • Nagameru Dake de Kashikoku Nareru! Mojipittan Shiritori Tokei (200 Points): The title translates to "You can become wiser just by looking! Shiritori Clock." Shiritori is a Japanese game about spelling a new word from the final character of a previous word. This clock app puts a constant scrolling display of words and their definitions on the top screen, along with adorable Mojipittan characters.
  • Art Style: Nalaku (500 Points) A puzzle game about guiding a little character around structures made of cubes, and painting the surfaces by contacting them. Sort of like Q-Bert, but with moving stages in which blocks fall out of and drop into the stage.
  • Art Style: Hacolife (500 Points) Literally "Box Life," this game involves taking groups of six contiguous squares from flat levels and folding them into cubes. It also manages to be super cute.
  • Chotto Asobi Taizen: Onajimi Table (500 Points): A selection of games from Clubhouse Games including reversi, hasami shogi, go, shogi, and hanafuda.
  • Chotto Bungaku Zenshu: Sekai no Bungaku 20 (500 Points): A selection of 25 books in the style of the Japanese version of the 100 Classic Book Collection. This pack includes 20 translated versions of foreign works, and five Japanese books. Reading is fundamental!
  • Ide Yousuke's Kenkou Mahjong (800 Points): What is in one way one of the most boring releases this month (it's a mahjong game!) is also one of the most exciting: this mahjong game features cross-platform online play with the WiiWare version of the same game.
  • Sakutto Hamareru Horihori Action Mr. Driller (800 Points): This downloadable version of Namco's puzzle franchise features the Mission Mode, Time Attack Mode, and Dristone mode from the DS launch title Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits.
All of these games will be available Wednesday, February 25 on the Japanese DSi Shop.

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