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VIZIO steamrolls Q4, breaks all kinds of records

Darren Murph

Who says there's no money in low-cost HDTVs? While mainstay after mainstay in the HDTV arena either folds completely, restructures their product portfolio or slashes production, VIZIO is riding high. After bucking the trend and showing growth in Q3, the company has delivered on its positive predictions for Q4. Now sitting as the second largest shipper of HDTVs in the US market, VIZIO saw sell-through increase some 52 percent during the holidays compared to the same period in 2007, and if you're looking for hard(er) numbers, try 1.2 million HDTV shipments in the fourth quarter of 2008. Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales & Marketing Communications, was understandably jovial about the success, noting that "even during times when tier one competitors drop their prices (and lose millions of dollars in the process) the American consumer clearly recognizes VIZIO as a preferred consumer electronics brand." Laugh all you want, but VIZIO has a good thing going.

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