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Windows Media Center gets channel logos, finally

Ben Drawbaugh

We're a big fan of Windows Media Center around here -- where else can you get a truly multiroom DVR solution after all -- but for whatever reason there are a few glaring missing features that have kept us scratching our heads for years. One item on that list that we can finally check off in Windows 7 is channel logos. Sure, this wasn't as high on our list as dual live buffers or the ability to record the Live TV buffer, but it is a welcomed addition. What we still can't figure out though, is why Microsoft hasn't added this years ago? And even more so, why even now is a 3rd party that got it to work? The good news is that My Channel Logos for 7MC is not only a free plug-in, but open enough that you can add your own logos -- this has some particularly interesting uses for those channels your significant other likes, but you don't.

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