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DiRT 2 DLC planned, promises shapely augmentation

Dustin Burg

Codemasters just dropped a knowledge nugget on CVG, letting it be known that they have plans to release multiple downloadable content packs for Dirt 2 after the game's September-ish release. "We have plans to launch a number of small DLC packs soon after launch which players can use to personalize and augment the boxed game," says Dirt 2 Executive Producer Gavin Raeburn.

Also, advice for those who may be awed by Raeburn's use of the fancy "augment" verbiage: Do not get too excited for the DLC. The content will
probably be new vehicles or maps. Most likely, his word choice was used to make the content seem super-humanly special and worth whatever amount they charge. It's either that, or his use of "augment" could be attributed to Mr. Freud.

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