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Panasonic's portable Blu-ray player previewed in Japan


The Japanese variant of Panasonic's slick all in one portable Blu-ray player has peeked out from behind cover, ready to launch March 15. The DMP-BV100 adds a 1seg TV tuner but is otherwise the same as its U.S. cousin, ready to play your HD discs on its 1024x600 screen, or a max 1080i via HDMI out. BD-Live is still part of the package, as well as SD card reader, DLNA, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA support. If you're watching on the go, a 7 hour charge time will yield 2 and a half hours of either Blu-ray or OTA video, so getting through the LOTR trilogy on an airplane ride is unlikely unless you can plug in. Around 850€ ($1,070) will nab one for anyone who can't wait for a localized antenna-less version in May. Check out our CES hands on or more pics over at AV Watch.

[Via AV Watch & Akihabara News]

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