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TealOS brings Pre experience pre-Pre

Chris Ziegler

When we saw those bizarre images of a Centro seemingly running webOS a few days ago, we declared that it could've been someone "hard at work on a webOS skin for Palm OS." Turns out that's exactly what was going on -- and after watching a video of just how thorough the makeover is, we're pretty blown away. Anyone either in love with the hardware of their Palm OS 5-based device or made physically ill by the thought of switching to Sprint to get the Pre might want to seriously consider TealOS' $14.95 asking price, because it'll get you quite a bit of the visual dazzle webOS promises -- cards (which don't appear to be live, but show you where you left off when you minimized), the wave launcher, translucent app menu, and more. Follow the break for the video of TealOS doing its thing.

[Via PreThinking, thanks Philip]

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