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Jumpgate Evolution trailer contains a few lasers

We've been wondering what was going to set Codemasters' upcoming spacefaring MMO Jumpgate Evolution apart from other, longer established astronautical online titles. The answer might just be in the new trailer for the game which you see above -- lasers. More lasers than a San Francisco warehouse rave. We've done the math, there's an unprecedented 158:1 ratio of lasers to seconds of gameplay shown. That is a great deal of lasers.

Also, from what we've seen, it's probably going to stand out due to its fast-paced, dynamic combat and gorgeous visuals -- both of which lend themselves to laser proliferation. If you want to get your hands on the title, they're currently accepting beta applicants -- otherwise, your pilgrimage into Codemasters' final frontier will have to wait for Jumpgate's June release.

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[Via Big Download]

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