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Sunday PTR update: Test realms coming "in the new week"

Dan O'Halloran

Players stayed up late into the night auto-refreshing the PTR forums looking for any sign that the patch was dropped (or, at the very least, their character copies weren't wiped again.) Finally, European CM Wryxian responded that it was not going up on a weekend night when all the developers had gone to bed, but did offer something close to a timeline. He said:

''I'd advise expecting it in the new week, but not to be surprised if it comes sooner."

Other blues were busy on the forums posting a round up of the class changes coming in Patch 3.1 (our analysis here) and fielding questions about the appearance of the Test NPC that provides raid consumables for those that didn't transfer over with enough (probably, but not definite.) If you are planning on heading into the Test realms, you should read over our post on how to be an effective tester.

At this point you may be asking what the image in this article has anything to do with the Test realms. Nothing, I just think it's an excellent Photoshopped piece done by our own Zach Yonzon. Enjoy!

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