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Blu-ray releases on February 24th 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

Well lookie what we have here, that's right, just about nothing. We've been doing this post every week for a few years now and we'd have to go pretty far back to find a more boring slate of titles. Sure there are a few things of interest like Futurama and some catalog titles from Fox and MGM -- who doesn't like Ronin -- but for the most part we aren't rushing out to pick up anything this week. To continue our theme of changing up the links, this week we're not linking to anything, because honestly we're not sure how useful they are anyway. Who knows, maybe we'll just have to have a poll to decide what to do once and for all.

  • Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder (Fox)
  • Vanishing Point (Fox)
  • The French Connection (Fox)
  • French Connection II (Fox)
  • What Just Happened (Magnolia)
  • Ronin (MGM)
  • Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk (Image)
  • Hurricane on the Bayou (Image)
  • Super Speedway (Image)
  • Hounddog (Hannover House)
  • The Matador (2008) (City Lights)
  • Sex Drive (Summit)

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