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Eidos confirms 'Beneath the Ashes' price, playable character in second DLC pack


Eidos has finally confirmed that Tomb Raider Underworld's Beneath the Ashes pack -- releasing tomorrow -- will cost the expected 800 ($10). Lara's exploration of what existed beneath her 12-room (2-bath), fully furnished wine cellar is the first piece of DLC, to be followed by Lara's Shadow, which offers a "new" playable character.

Given the disappointing sales of TRU, we're going to guess that quite a few haven't played the title yet. As this playable character is a spoiler, we'll place that info after the break.

Underworld's DLC producer Rob Rosenberg reveals the new character will be Lara's doppelganger. Sure, that's kind of a cop-out, but Rosenberg tells Eurogamer that Lara's Shadow will have gameplay that takes advantage of the doppelganger's strength and agility. Each of the DLC episodes should take between "three and six hours to finish."

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