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More studios move towards Blu-ray / DVD combo packs

Darren Murph

It's sort of odd to hear about this now, but for whatever reason, it seems that some studios are looking to bundle traditional DVDs with Blu-ray Discs in order to broaden appeal and gently ease people into consuming BDs. As you very well know, this tactic was heavily used during the HD DVD era, but it's definitely not as prominent with Blu-ray... yet, anyway. Reportedly, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment along with Lionsgate and MGM Home Entertainment are all prepping rather large releases in the Blu-ray / DVD 2-disc form, with Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment -- who is credited with pioneering the practice last fall -- hoping to release about seven of the bundles throughout 2009. Fox is even taking things a step further by tossing in Digital Copy on top of a BD and a DVD with Marley & Me. Mary Daily, the studio's executive VP of marketing for North America, noted that it's simply looking to become "flexible to adapt to the changing [habits]" of the consumer. Honestly, we love the idea of tossing a DVD in at little to no extra cost; there's hardly a better way to convince people to try Blu-ray Discs than to include one with the purchase of their DVD, if you will.

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