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Strength Food: The real 3.1 issue


The Banana Shoulders blog recently posted on a subject that is actually near and dear me as a Death Knight and Hunter: The dearth of available strength and agility food in Wrath. A lot of basic stats have a variety of tiers and ingredients to choose from. You can get fish or meat, a slightly higher stat or a slightly lower stat. Not so with strength. You'll take fishing and like it mister, because the only available strength food is Dragonfin filet. It's even worse, points out Big Bear Butt, since the only agility food in Wrath is also made from Dragonfin Angelfish -- and requires two of them, besides.

Thus, the variety of classes who find that raw stats work for better for them than attack power or rating-based stats find themselves competing for the same fishing nodes, or else paying exorbitant prices on the AH because fishing isn't their bag.

It seems weird that Blizzard's done this. Perhaps they figured that pure stat food should be harder to get because of stacking with abilities like Blessing of Kings, but then again, pure attack power scales pretty well with buffs these days too, so it feels like leaving pure stats out in the food recipe cold is just an oversight that should be corrected.

If it's an oversight, maybe what we should expect to see is a bunch of cooking recipes that fill out some of the current stat gaps and give us obsessive daily completers a chance to spend all these extra Dalaran Cooking Awards. In the meantime, I'll be continuing to level my fishing so I don't have to spend all my daily money buying lunch on the AH.

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