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Apple offers Safari beta 4 for Mac and Windows

Mel Martin

Well, it's Tuesday, and that often means a software release from Apple. Today, both Mac and Windows users can scarf up a beta copy of Safari 4, with many new and desirable features. Here's a download link for those who are ready to go.

The new browser features:
  • Cover Flow -- You can browse through your site history or bookmarks the same way you browse album covers in iTunes
  • Top Sites -- look at renderings of your favorite sites, and open any one of them with a single click
  • Full History Search -- A clever way to visit sites you have been to in the past. You can type a word or phrase into the history search field and you'll get a cover flow view of sites that match your criteria
  • Nitro Engine -- Apple claims JavaScript now executes 30 times faster than IE7 and 3 times faster than Firefox
  • Tabs on Top -- Allows Safari to have multiple pages open at the same time in a single browser window, and to switch back and forth with a click. The new Safari beta gives you more room at the top of the sceen when in tabbed mode.
  • Windows Native Look and Feel -- The Windows Safari 4 beta more closely matches the look of other Windows applications and gives access to standard Windows fonts; Apple claims the same performance boost on Windows as in the Mac version
Other features include Full Page Zoom, a 'smart' address field, a 'smart' search field, and more robust phishing and malware protection.

Safari 4 beta also includes some improved developer tools. Details on those options can be found here.

The TUAW team is installing the new beta now, and will have some thoughts & impressions later today. Go get it!

Here's a look at Safari on Windows (from Download Squad)


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