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Capcom oblivious to RE5 control complaints, apparently


Resident Evil 5's controls have been the topic of much debate. Some gamers despise the stop-and-shoot nature of the gameplay, while at least one other notes that the inhibiting controls promote the tension so important to the series. Capcom has even addressed the issue itself on its community blog, which makes the following news rather puzzling:

During Capcom's Q3 financial results conference call (PDF link), a questioner noted that the Resident Evil 5 demo had "very poor playability" and asked for the company's opinion on the matter. Capcom's response: "We would prefer not to comment, as we haven't received any such opinion." No, seriously, that was the response. Possible conclusions to be drawn: (1) Capcom wasn't expecting this question -- hence the rushed and inconsistent answer; (2) someone is being less than honest; or (3) it's time to get the suits internet access.

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