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DSi design history to be revealed in GDC talk


Nintendo will reveal some inside information about the new DSi at this year's Game Developers Conference. DSi Project Leader Masato Kuwahara will present a talk called "The Inspiration Behind Nintendo DSi Development" at the conference, discussing the system's new features, the decision process behind their inclusion, and "what kind of new software development opportunities the team had in mind."

Last year, Nintendo delivered talks about the technical design of Wii Fit and the introduction of WiiWare. This DSi talk could potentially cover the subjects from both of those talks: new hardware and a new software download service! And we hate to be crass and reduce this no doubt fascinating talk to its potential news, but this would be a great opportunity for Nintendo to unveil the North American DSiWare launch lineup.


[Via Gamasutra]

Don't worry if you haven't been following the DSi for the last few months -- your crazy friends at Joystiq Nintendo have been all over it. Check out our unboxing of a Japanese system for a hands-on rundown of features, and have a look at the awesome DSiWare downloads that have come to Japan. Then torture yourself with the limited-edition FFCC: Echoes of Time DSi that probably won't make it here!

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