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Engineering buffs up

Zach Yonzon

Just after we'd dried some Engineers' tears, Arawn over at Crusader Aura posts a little tidbit he found while exploring the PTR. It looks like Engineers are getting some new toys to play with that just might be the start of useful things for those multi-faceted masters of myriad mechanisms.

First up is a cloak enchant that adds spell power to cloak as well as works as a parachute effect on a one minute cooldown. While the +11 Spell Power may seem minor, it should be noted that this is the first and only cloak enchant that adds directly to spell power. The glove attachment also seems to be the best enchant for tanks, arguably on par with the Armsman enchant.

Both seem to be the best enchantments for specific roles and should help quiet the discontent that Engineers are currently feeling. Needless to say, both require Engineering to function. Stay tuned in case Arawn digs up some more Engineering goodness.

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