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Epson dishes up the 4,000 lumen G5000 projector

Steven Kim

Making sure to differentiate white and color output separately, Epson's PowerLite G5000 comes in with an even 4,000 lumen figure for both metrics. The 3LCD, XGA resolution projector also boasts some nice convenience features like 30-degrees of tilt and both horizontal and vertical lens shift so you can quickly get things set up when moving from the classroom to the family room. Available now for $2,499 -- but that lack of 1080 vertical pixels and only 1,000:1 contrast leave us a little cold while we look across other Epson offerings, even if they require a little more light control in the room. Still, if blackout drapes are just out of the question for your setting, those 4,000 lumens speak volumes.

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