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Kindle 2 dissected, found to contain space for a SIM card

Nilay Patel

The Kindle 2's only been in our hot little hands for a few hours, but the screwdriver-happy scamps at iFixit couldn't resist -- they've already ripped theirs into its many component pieces. Interestingly, the teardown revealed an empty space for a SIM card slot, which might indicate Amazon's got firmer plans for the Kindle's international debut than they were willing to talk about at the launch. Don't get too excited for any VAIO P-style SIM-slot hacks, though, since the US edition of the reader only has a CDMA radio for Whispernet in it. Oh well, it's gotta happen sometime -- for now we're off to find a screen protector, since the teardown also revealed that the E-Ink screen doesn't have anything over it at all.

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