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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with North American 3G coming to flagship stores soon, probably tomorrow

Chris Ziegler

Circumstantial evidence continues to suggest that we're on track for a February release of Nokia's 5800 XpressMusic in New World flavor, featuring quadband EDGE plus hearty helpings of 850 and 1900MHz HSDPA -- and if you're close to the New York or Chicago flagship stores, that release might be right around the corner. The Nokia Blog cites a trusted source that we'll see both locations unleash the 5800 tomorrow afternoon for $399; we called the Chicago store and were told that it'd likely be released within a week, "but you might want to try back tomorrow." In other words, yeah, tomorrow's looking like a lock, unless something goes horribly wrong, the shipping truck flips somewhere along a deserted stretch of I-80, and hundreds of precious handhelds lie scattered across the asphalt.

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