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Resident Evil 5 producer: 'There is no racial element to it at all'


When Resident Evil 5 finally shuffles onto shelves March 13, it'll have had years of development and countless claims that it contains racist over-and-undertones behind it. When we sat down with RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi for one last, pre-launch interview, he spoke with us about this lingering issue.

"I do think that now that the full game is almost out there and people play the full title for themselves, they will see and understand what it is all about; that there is no racial element to it at all," Takeuchi told us.

We asked Takeuchi if claims that Japan's homogeneous culture had made his team less cognizant of potentially racist content held any weight. "It is a pretty difficult question," he said. "I don't really think that it is applicable, or certainly it is not applicable in the way that you describe it ... I don't think that there is anything particular, because we are Japanese, that becomes a problem."

No matter what, we suspect there will be those who'll "find" something in the game to get into a huff about -- thus netting it a few days of free advertising on countless news broadcasts.

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