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Variety: Kathy Vrabeck to take post at Legendary Pictures


Kathy Vrabeck, a very knowledgeable and experienced video game executive, is reportedly in "final negotiations" to take a job at Legendary Pictures, the geek dream financier behind The Dark Knight, 300 and Watchmen. Variety has been told by several sources that she'll apparently oversee Legendary's video game initiative. The production company is currently working on movies based upon Gears of War and Blizzard's Warcraft. Variety previously reported that Legendary is also looking to purchase Epic Games.

The news would be good for both parties, as Vrabeck bounces back from being let go leaving EA and Legendary recovers from that messy Brash Entertainment relationship. If Legendary continues its movie gold streak and is serious about pushing into the video game space, it could evolve into a major player.

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