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WoW Moviewatch: Pwnage Like Us


Nyhm says to call it an encore. One last card up his sleeve as his way of saying "Goodbye" to the fans of his videos and World of Warcraft. A final masterpiece bearing his name, as he shuffles off this Azerothian coil and goes on to other pastures. Pwnage Like Us is not only Nyhm's final appearance in WoW machinima, but also a strong sendup for a trio of three friends to whom Nyhm would like us to pay attention.
The video itself is a great farewell piece. It's an ensemble, and definitely feels like an homage to the work Nyhm's done over the years. I certainly feel like it's among the best featuring Nyhm -- it's got good lyrics, a solid beat, and the vocal performance is among the best. The animation is awesome, and I like the "book" transitions.

I definitely love seeing the addition of a Tauren performing. It might just me, but I've worn thin on the Blood Elf as Star thing. I know they're probably the "hottest" models in game, but it's just kind of fatigued in my mind.

Nyhm will obviously be missed. I'll be watching for more from Gigi, Demineonz, Abandonation, and Quixotica in the future, as I really did love this video.

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