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Capcom sort of confirms Western release of Monster Hunter 3


Monster Hunter 3 is coming to North America and Europe, according to a statement from Capcom in its 3rd quarter financial results conference call Q&A (PDF link).

"One of our leading titles is "Monster Hunter 3 (tri-)," Capcom said, addressing a question about its region-specific plans. "If we can gain recognition of this product in the European and North American markets, our market strategy will see a noticeable change."

Of course, if Capcom is hoping to gain recognition in those markets, then it plans to release the game in those markets. We had always kind of assumed it was coming, just because it's achieved such massive buzz in Japan, and because Capcom is starting to show an interest in localizing Monster Hunter games again with Freedom Unite on PSP. But it's nice to have an official statement!


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