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i-mate prepping Warrior netbook to complement Legionnaire handset

Chris Ziegler

Turns out the Centurion wasn't the only surprise out of i-mate at MWC last week. The troubled WinMo licensee looks poised for a possible resurgence with its new hardware lineup, reinforced by an interesting combo of devices uncovered by Pocket-lint during the course of the show. First up, the "Legionnaire," pictured, is your average mid- to high-end WinMo slate -- HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, 800MHz core, Windows Mobile 6.5, yada yada. Where it gets interesting, though, is what you do with the Legionnare; turns out i-mate wants you to plug it in to a $200 netbook shell with a 10-inch display codenamed "Warrior," which will use the Legionnaire both as its guts and as its touchpad. i-mate wants the combo to launch at the end of summer, which could make for some fun drama with presumed competitor Redfly if nothing else -- but then again, the Legionnaire's a nice looking handset in its own right, is it not?


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