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MacBook Pro 17-inch unibody unboxing and hands-on


Now this is more like it. Our favorite dude in the world (AKA the FedEx guy) just dropped this slab of nasty Apple magic on our doorstep. Not only is this system kitted out with a 256GB SSD, 8GB of RAM, and a 2.93GHz CPU, but the screen is -- yes -- anti-glare. We're actually kind of stoked to put this one through its paces and see just exactly what it feels like (since we've already seen the other two new unibody models). And of course, we're very eager to know just how robust that non-removable battery really is. So we'll be covering the 17-incher a little more in-depth in the coming days, but for now, get a load of the unboxing.

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