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MadWorld's controls designed by sane people


IGN posted this control diagram as part of their week of MadWorld coverage, allowing us to breathe a sigh of relief at the non-gimmick controls. We particularly enjoy the fact that, rather than "light" and "heavy" attacks, the buttons correspond to regular attacks and the chainsaw -- which can only be used for five seconds at a time before requiring a recharge.

There is some waggle, but it's not the main method of attack, and its mapping to the "uppercut" move means it will probably finish combos, much like the control scheme in the sublime No More Heroes. Swinging the nunchuk initiates a, uh ... "buck flip."

In addition to the basic controls, IGN posted a more detailed rundown of Jack's abilities, including a description of MadWorld's lock-on feature, and tweaking punches with the analog stick. We're happy to hear about some depth in the controls, because while the black-and-white look is stunning and the overdone violence is funny, what we really want out of MadWorld is solid, complex brawling.


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