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Motorola Napoleon lives, still on track for a Verizon release?

Chris Ziegler

The Q11's more or less a complete bust, so the Q fans of the world deserve something -- anything -- to hold their interest and reward their loyalty, don't they? We first saw the so-called "Napoleon" for Verizon eons ago, and by now, we'd pretty much assumed it'd been canned somewhere along the way -- but phoneArena has new shots of the thing in the wild that gives us hope that it might yet be released. Considering that it's a GSM / CDMA dual-mode set, it should garner particularly intense interest since Verizon's range of world-compatible phones is limited by nature, and truth be told, the thing doesn't look half bad. We could do without the biometric sensor -- and Windows Mobile 6.1 has us pretty bummed out at this point with 6.5 around the corner -- but it'll see a few sales if they can get it out the door soon. Sadly, it's still anybody's guess when that may be.

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