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Three new colors for DSi in Japan


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Nintendo of Japan has announced plans to release the DSi console in three cheerful new colors: pink, lime green, and metallic blue. All three will be released on the same day, March 20, and will sell for 19,800 yen ($195), the same price as the currently available black and white DSi systems.

Haters of the North American blue version will now be able to direct their ire toward these garish new colors, out of our reach though they may be. Fans of the blue may find themselves envious of these even more vivid colors. We're sorting out some rather complex emotions ourselves.


[Via Wii Everyday]

Don't worry if you haven't been following the DSi for the last few months -- your crazy friends at Joystiq Nintendo have been all over it. Check out our unboxing of a Japanese system for a hands-on rundown of features, and have a look at the awesome DSiWare downloads that have come to Japan. Then torture yourself with the limited-edition FFCC: Echoes of Time DSi that probably won't make it here!

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