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Bluepeaker weds GPS, speakerphone and Bluetooth into one ugly puck

Darren Murph

Right, we know -- it's probably the hideous FCC photograph that's turning us off on the design, but there's still something here that just screams 1997. Nitpicking aside, the so-called Bluepeaker is a multifaceted device that provides GPS data to Bluetooth-equipped phones, PDAs and laptops, all while doubling as a BT speaker (audio streaming is obviously supported) or a BT speakerphone (handsfree is a lock). The unit itself can get juice via any powered USB port or AC wall charger, and we're told it should last for around 200 hours in standby mode. Sadly, the FCC isn't really much for handing out pricing details, but we'll be sure to keep an ear to the ground.

[Via Slashgear]

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