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Gefen ships UWB-based Wireless for HDMI Extender

Darren Murph

So much for those UWB death knells, right? In all honesty, we highly doubt that Gefen and Staccato can save the flagging ultra-wideband format all by themselves, but given that Gefen had already come so far with this thing, there was really no point in canning it now. The UWB-based Wireless for HDMI Extender is finally shipping to those looking to extend HDMI signals over-the-air from up to 33 feet away. The box can also handle 5.1 channel surround sound, and setup is said to be a lesson in simplicity. Of course, at $999, you're going to have to detest those cables an awful lot, but hey, it's still better than waiting around for the Belkin FlyWire.

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