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Get juiced for Ubisoft's 'Gold's Gym: Cardio Workout' on the Wii


YES! CARDIO BOXING ON THE WII! FROM UBISOFT AND GOLD'S GYM, YEAAAHHHH! AWESOME! Sorry, we were just doing our best to get your heart rate up. Consider it a free cardio workout from Joystiq, because Joystiq Cares™ about your health!

Ubisoft announced a partnership with Gold's Gym to market the new Wii exercise game Gold's Gym: Cardio Workout, due out March 31. The Balance Board-compatible game includes "cardio boxing, running, sit-ups and other activities" as well as calorie and weight tracking. The new game will include a coupon for one week at Gold's Gym, and in turn, Gold's locations will feature advertising for the game.

Wii nerds (like us) may remember developer Rocket Company's Japanese release Shape Boxing Wii de Enjoy Diet, which featured cardio boxing-based exercises and a few wacky minigames. Screenshots of Cardio Boxing (via Amazon) reveal it to be a localized version of that game. We have yet to determine whether the bear-punching minigame is still present. We can only hope.

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