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Gresso Skeleton Gold Phone is oddly beautiful, very transparent


OK, OK, perhaps beautiful is stretching it a tad, but Gresso's Skeleton Gold Phone is definitely interesting, most notably the "polished 42k sapphire glass" see-thru back. While, essentially a twin to the Gresso Sol, it eschews wood for titanium, ceramic, 18K Gold, steel, leather, and baby seal eyelash shavings. Under the hood it 's a fairly vanilla tri-band GSM / GPRS (really, only GPRS) Windows Mobile 6 handset with 64MB of memory, 2GB of external storage, and Bluetooth. If you're in the mood to cha-ching your way into Gresso's world, you'd better act fast as this limited run only reaches 50 devices at a price of about $4400 each. A few more pics can be found right after the break.

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