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Hyundai's MB-490i Dolphin cellphone is ridiculously clever


You know, when we first read the image-less text describing Hyundai's dolphin-shaped cellphone, our instinctual, caffeine-injected reflex was to launch into an angst-ridden assault on the MB-490i. Then we saw the pictures and, well, dammit, we kind of like it. Somehow Hyundai managed to make the aquatic scroll-wheel on the front mirrored by cascading waves of aluminum along the backside work. Even the pale blue eyeball on the side comes across as tasteful without kitsch. Spec-wise, we're looking at a 240 x 400 touchscreen display augmented by a swipeable touchscreen surface below, a 2.0 megapixel camera (no flash), Yamaha speaker, Bluetooth, and a €250 price tag when it launches in May. Check the pictures after the break and sound-off in the comments with your opinion.

[Via PMP Today]

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