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Joystiq Interview: Harrison Krix, replica designer

After wowing us with his Portal "gun" replica, Harrison Krix is at it again -- this time tackling the world of BioShock. His latest in-game item replica is the ADAM Syringe, used by the Little Sisters who roam the world of Rapture. We sat down with Harrison to discuss his work, reactions from video game companies and what he would build if money and time were no object.

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You recently showed off the Little Sister syringe on your blog. Why did you decide to create the ADAM Syringe from BioShock next?

Because my next project is this: [shows full scale model of a Big Daddy costume; blueprint below]. I've been making the scaled wire frames for about a week now, and will be outputting them full-scale from my plotter soon, so I can begin construction.

Big Daddy costume blueprint

Was your decision to tackle BioShock out of love for the game or because you saw it as a personal challenge?

A little of both, really. BioShock really freaked me the hell out when I played it a while ago, and I'm very much looking forward to the sequel. The motivation for building it is similar to the Portal Gun; I've seen other people make it before, but not as realistic as I believe I can bring it to life. The Syringe was a small way to get me in the mindset of making the whole piece. It was also a way to test out some weathering techniques I'll be using on the full suit.

Typically, how long is the development of an idea -- from concept to final product?

It depends on the project, really. Some are as little as a week if there's a tight deadline; some more intricate ones are several months. I'm working on a long-term build right now: Guy's helmet from the band Daft Punk -- that is going to have full customizable illumination and gold plating. That has required me to become familiar with an Arduino controller and some basic C++. Obviously, that project is taking a bit longer than, say, Link's Hylian Shield.

Link's Hylian Shield

Creating such lifelike and detailed pieces can't be cheap, wouldn't writing some fan fiction be easier on the wallet?

I can't write to save my life! Besides, I've got far more pricey hobbies. This stuff is a drop in the bucket compared to restoring vintage cars (my other side gig). The Portal gun cost me about $350 in materials, yes. But recently I spent $500 in just nuts and bolts.

So, what you're saying is you'll be showing off your own Back to the Future DeLorean soon?

Man, I have a friend of mine who would love that. If I ever do get one, I'd put a Mr. Fusion in it. For me, though, I think I'd like a crack at a Warthog from Halo ... but maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

I think you just made a few of our readers squeal with excitement with that idea.

What drives you to work on replicas?

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