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Report: THQ closes International branch in Zurich

Jason Dobson

THQ's recent effort to eliminate nearly a quarter of its entire workforce has shuttered the studios' International office in Zurich, putting another ten of the company's former staff on the unemployment line, according to Earlier this month THQ announced plans to do away with 600 jobs on its payroll, a number representing a staggering 24 percent of the publisher's global headcount.

The cuts are just the latest to follow in the wake of dismal Q3 earnings and cutbacks at its wireless division in late January. The report suggests that the paint had only begun to dry at the Zurich branch, which had only been open for about a year and was expected to help with THQ's plans for expansion into other unspecified territories. After posting losses of over $191 million, however, the only territory THQ is likely looking to expand into now is profitability.

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