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Twitter returns to @Bell Canada for $0.15 a pop


While the fact that Twitter's SMS service is returning to Canada is grand news, Bell Canada's 15 cent price for admission is most definitely not. Twitter shut down the outbound SMS service in November last year due to rising costs with a note that it was working toward a solution to fix it. Well, it seems the solution's been found and that's to pass it down the line to the Twitter users as a premium service that they'll pay for, both sending and receiving. Our advice here is to hunt down a free client and use it or call Bell and fire up the waterworks, though, we suspect that'll get you about nowhere.

Update: Just for the sake of clarity, this is in no way related to Bell's policy on 15 cent incoming SMS costs. Bell's Julie Smithers said "Because Twitter is a third-party service, the messages are considered premium and not covered by our plans...This aligns with industry standards regarding third-party premium messaging."

[Thanks, @fruhlinger]

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