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Alaska Airlines offering in-flight WiFi -- but not in Alaska

Tim Stevens

It's a sad, sad state of affairs. After nearly four years worth of announcements you're still more likely to get a good night's rest on a flight than find wireless internet, leaving us to wonder whether any airline will survive long enough to roll-out the system-wide access they've almost all pledged. Another player is now crawling tardily into the ring, Alaska Airlines fulfilling its promise and partnering with Row 44 to offer satellite-based internets on a very limited basis. You should know the drill by now: access is only offered on very select routes, or route in this case, debuting on 737-300 flights running between Seattle (SEA) and San Jose (SJC). At least the service will be free for the first 90 60 days, but the airline isn't saying how much it will cost after that. We'd guess somewhere between not free and way too much, leaning toward the latter.

Update: Correction, it's only 60 days not 90, and we're told by Glenn over at High-Fi News that it's not just a single route it's actually a single plane, and while it will be starting out on the SEA/SJC route, it will be making appearances elsewhere -- maybe even in the land of the midnight sun!

[Via Electronista]

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