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LittleBigContra collaboration is remarkable


Various members from the popular video game forum NeoGAF have teamed up in an outstanding collaboration to recreate the classic NES game Contra within LittleBigPlanet. The iconic 2D shooter is revived in LBP thanks to the addition of the "Paintinator" in the Metal Gear Solid level pack. The massive project spans eight different levels, each painstakingly recreated in the LBP engine. Impressive, yes -- but we're wondering how long it will stay on the servers before the moderation team shuts it down for its obvious copyright infringement.

Update: There are 8 stages in total and 7 authors on the LittleBigContra team. You can find them on the PlayStation Network as follows:

Jungle: MisterAnderson - PSN: Leonidas2123
Base 1: Orz- PSN: SaitoHalifax
Waterfall: PSN - RyanardoDavinci
Base 2: Orz- PSN: SaitoHalifax
Snowfield: PSN: NinjaMicWZ
Energy Zone: El_Beefo - PSN: El_Beefo
Hangar: Jaeyden - PSN: Jaeyden
Alien's Lair: Donkey Show - PSN: gevurah22

See a trailer, after the cut.

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