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Palm finally manages to bore us to tears with webOS Mojo SDK tutorial


We knew this day would come, and at last we've been faced with 56+ minutes of webOS-related video that we could barely keep our eyes open for. Palm Software CTO Mitch Allen did a rundown for an O'Reilly webcast detailing the structure and paradigms of webOS, and then went ahead and built a simple little app using TextMate and Safari. While we're sure some JavaScript fanboys out there will have a field day with this, there weren't too many juicy tidbits in there for us mere mortals. It did seem like Palm's still working on the whole app DRM situation -- exacerbated by the fact that webOS apps aren't really executables -- so it sounds like Google isn't the only one. What is clear is that the barrier for entry to app development here is stunningly low, and we suppose we'll all find out soon enough exactly what sort of awesomeness and terror that will mean for us end users. Video is after the break.

[Via Palm Pre en español]

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