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Sony reorganizes divisions, has big plans for future


Like two lovers caught in a seductive tango, chief executive Howard Stringer has taken the lead as president of Sony's electronics division, taking on a more intimate and hands-on role with the company's future. The previous president, engineer-turned-exec Ryoji Chubachi, will undertake a new role as vice chairman and stay on to assist Stringer. This recent move is part of Sony's attempt to manage the huge losses the company has suffered recently. The reorganization doesn't stop there, oh no, Sony is really shaking things up.

The company is forming two new divisions, one of which will oversee PlayStation and Vaio PCs, while the other takes charge of Bravia TVs, Cybershot digital cameras, and Handycam camcorders. The man in charge of the new PlayStation and Vaio division is none other than Kaz Hirai, head of Sony's gaming business. Heading up the other division will be Hiroshi Yoshioka, who currently oversees Sony's TV business.

On the video game side of things, one of the opportunities presented by this restructuring will be the expansion of PSN beyond the realm of games. Sony wants to offer real network-based content that works across all Sony devices, including its game consoles, Walkman brand, and even the e-Reader. With Sony reorganizing all of its divisions, the prospect of SCE having greater access to other divisions in the company becomes higher. This leaves the possibility of new synergistic ideas within Sony, such as PSN on your cell phone or an MP3 store for PSP. This corporate shuffle will allow Sony to be the "united company" it has been telling us it will be ... for years.

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