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Top 10 PSP games on the PlayStation Network


Did you know that you can download new games directly on your PSP? Yep! The PlayStation Store is available on your system. From there, you'll be able to download original PSN exclusives to archived UMD games. What are the top 10 PSP downloads in February?
  1. Beats
  2. Super Stardust Portable
  3. WTF: Work Time Fun
  4. Guilty Gear Judgment
  5. flOw
  6. Syphon Filter: Combat Opos
  7. Brain Challenge PSP
  8. Ultimate Ghosts 'N Golbins
  9. The Con
  10. SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo
Overall, it looks like PSP owners have some great taste. London Studio's original PSP game Beats transforms your PSP music collection into a game and is a must-own for PSP fans. The only real stinker on this list? The Con. Do yourself a favor and avoid that one.

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