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Motorola's iDEN i465 passes muster with the FCC


Well Motorola's first iDEN QWERTY effort has sailed through the FCC's proving grounds and will apparently, or at least potentially, grace our push-to-talk pockets one day. We chattered about this wee red phone a bit on a recent podcast because from the looks of the pics we've seen, that keyboard will saw through fingers, and for a messaging handset, that's just not good planning. If Boost Mobile literature is to be believed, then we can potentially expect this around June 15th this year, though, don't hold us to that. Thanks FCC for testing and ensuring that this handset met 47 CFR 2.1093 (c) for RF exposure and found to be compliant with the limits specified in 47 CFR 2.1093(d)(2). Top job, love your graphs.

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