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Sony in talks with Rockstar for more GTA on PSP

It might seem as though the once-strong relationship between Rockstar Games, developers of the highly profitable Grand Theft Auto franchise, and Sony, the progenitor of the consoles said franchise once almost exclusively appeared on, is on the outs. Following the 360-exclusive Lost and Damned DLC, and the movement from the series' portable appearances to the DS with GTA: Chinatown Wars, it appears Rockstar has jilted all things PlayStation in hopes of attracting younger, more lucrative suitors.

However, this isn't exactly the case. In a recent interview with MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo, PSP hardware marketing chief John Koller explained that Sony isn't ready to let that particular cash cow go out to pasture. Koller commented that the two PSP-based GTA titles sold like bullet-riddled hotcakes, adding that there's "definitely continued conversations with Rockstar" regarding future Grand titles on Sony's handheld. We can only pray that they'll be as Phil Collins-centric as the last one.

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